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We put emphasis on the quality of locksmith service we provide.

Here's a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand. Are you interested in buying new locks? Do you have any questions about your keys? These answers will help you deal with similar problems.

When should I purchase new sets of locks?

The best time to purchase new locks is when your locks are broken or damaged, or you want a lock upgrade. Broken locks or outdated locks leave your properties vulnerable to trespassers and burglars. Upgraded locks often possess higher levels of protection - which cannot be easily cracked. Our locksmith services in Maricopa make sure your locks are sturdy and built to last.

Will my existing key still work after a locksmith opens it?

Your key should still work on the lock even after a locksmith has opened it. Your lock shouldn’t be damaged after being opened up. If you like, you can choose to have our experts rekey the lock for you if you lost your previous key.

Do I need to buy new locks if my keys are stolen?

It is not necessary to buy new locks in case your keys are stolen. Our locksmith experts recommend that you call a locksmith professional and request rekeying of your locks. With rekeying, the new key will work on the lock and the old one will not work.

Are electric locks necessary to keep my home safe?

Surprisingly enough it is still a matter of preference even though electric locks seem to have advantages over conventional ones. However, the latter can still be nearly as effective as the former, so electric locks are not completely necessary to keep one’s home safe.

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